scrub active lavender, poppy & tea tree-Rain Africa

scrub active lavender, poppy & tea tree

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Cleansing, antiseptic & anti-bacterial properties.
Size: 8g
USES: Combine with base, scrub essence and oil to create your perfect scrub

Lavender: Antiseptic and gentle fragrant abrasive
Poppy Seeds: Anti-inflammatory, gentle exfoliation provides glowing complexion
Tea Tree Leaves: Antiseptic, antibacterial and provides gentle exfoliation

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    When Customer service meets Product

    Specially wrapped. Each item like a gift. It hints on the relaxing home spa moment you will have. Personalizing your experience you have a wonderful team making sure you are up to date on where your parcel is and ensuring every question you might have is answered promptly and with best advise. I thank you.

    Thank you so much Danette. So glad that you had a great customer service experience. looking forwards to be of service again :)